Sunday, March 27, 2011

A morning to myself

I like to walk early in the morning before the "world" wakes up to a new day.  Other than the middle of the night, it's the best time for me to collect my thoughts.  This image is of a golf course near where I'm staying.  I had walked by this spot several mornings and noticed that the fog would roll through. 

Today, I decided to return with my camera and tripod.  I was hoping for fog.  I wanted to show the fog moving through the scene and still be able to make out the bridge on the left. The shot before this one wasn't foggy enough and the one after this was too foggy.  You couldn't even see the bridge.  I processed this image in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efx Pro to add a little more contrast and a grainy "film" feel.  I was going for that look of a 1920s Paris art pic.  Missed the mark on that one, but I still like the mood it conveys.


  1. Greg, I think the "grainy black & white" look works well for something like this. In color it would have been just another bunch of trees across a pond.

  2. Good choice to use b&w Greg. I am happy to see you back on the road! Happy Trails to You. :)