Monday, April 4, 2011

South Beach, baby!

No visit to South Florida would be complete without a stop over in South Beach (Miami). With its art-deco buildings, palm trees, and healthy, tanned bodies, South Beach blurs the line between a laid-back beach town and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Throw in a vibrant nightclub scene and you have a destination truly unique to the planet.

A simple red dot on a map cannot begin to pin down a place like South Beach. As a latitude with attitude, to borrow a phrase from Jimmy Buffett, South Beach offers so much to its visitors. With its crystal clear blue waters, pink, green, and blue neon art-deco hotels, it’s no wonder South Beach has such a strong artist community with art galleries and street art around every corner.

Of course, the beach in South Beach is amazing. Brilliant white sand and palm trees make this beach the place to be during the mid-day hours while lifeguards in pastel art-deco inspired towers watch over swimmers and sun-bathers alike.

There are plenty of street-side cafes in which to grab a bite and more than a few upscale restaurants when you want to dress up a little. Seafood is plentiful here and is usually caught fresh not far from the grill. Cuban inspired fare is a favorite as is Caribbean island food. Grilled Plantains and black beans with Jerk Chicken are a personal favorite.

The nightlife in South Beach is legendary and has been written about extensively so I won’t say much about it here except to note that fashion is a huge part of going out in South Beach. The choices for what to wear are endless and you’ll see folks come in right off the beach in swimming attire and those that have obviously hit the high-end boutiques on Ocean Drive. What else would you expect… it’s South Beach.

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  1. Great article Greg. Glad you're having fun.

  2. I like the new look of the blog Greg, and especially the image of the Colony Hotel. The colors of the lights reflecting off the shiny car paint are great.

  3. I've never had a desire to visit Florida after the time I got off the plane to get on a cruise ship there and the humidity almost knocked me out. But your post here has made me reconsider! Looking forward to reading more of your views from your travels.